A plate full of memories

Alice had never eaten lamb before she came to Scotland. In the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe she had grown up learning that it was a forbidden food, ‘I think it comes down to the ‘lamb of God’’ she says, ‘But then in Scotland everyone around me was eating lamb… and I ended up eating it too!’

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Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success

It’s one of the transforming powers of art that it can help change the way we see familiar things, not least the places where we live. Joyce MacMillan

Leith is home to many artists.  This week the Wall of Success celebrates the remarkable achievements of two creative pioneers. In different ways their work transforms the place that helps to inspire them   – while LeithLate brings art into streets and cafes, Active Inquiry turns real life into activist theatre.    Continue reading “Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success”

Taking action against violence

What is violence? Young people from ethnic minority communities in Leith are being invited to join a thought-provoking project which will turn real life experience of violence into a new Forum Theatre production with ACTive Inquiry.  The project is run jointly by Shakti and NHS Lothian. Now over to Lisa Rigby at Shakti who explains the aims of this creative new community research…

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Bad bankers lose out (if only)


Don’t just get mad, join the Newsgroup.

Bankers narrowly lost out to Afghanistan in the first Newsgroup workshop when Gavin Crichton asked people what news stories were making them angry.  What will be the burning issue for the second Newsgroup?  Come and find out at 10 am on Saturday 30th January in Pilmeny Youth Club. Be sure to bring your cuttings with you! Continue reading “Bad bankers lose out (if only)”

Exits and entrances in the theatre

…the woman and man in the street do not know that they are speaking theatre. Augusto Boal April 16 1931 – May 2 2009

The pioneering Leith community theatre group, Active Inquiry is making its debut with SPACE, the story of Maggie, an ordinary woman who finds it difficult to persuade people in the local community to help her save the neighbourhood park from being turned into a car park. (Next performance Wednesday 13th May). Continue reading “Exits and entrances in the theatre”

Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part


Can art change society? Here’s news of an exciting new community theatre project in Leith which aims to get people asking questions about the world around us. And maybe come up with some answers about how to change it. No theatre experience needed.  Just turn up and get involved on Saturday 14 March in St James Hall, 12 St John’s Place. Continue reading “Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part”