A plate full of memories

Alice had never eaten lamb before she came to Scotland. In the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe she had grown up learning that it was a forbidden food, ‘I think it comes down to the ‘lamb of God’’ she says, ‘But then in Scotland everyone around me was eating lamb… and I ended up eating it too!’

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Bad bankers lose out (if only)


Don’t just get mad, join the Newsgroup.

Bankers narrowly lost out to Afghanistan in the first Newsgroup workshop when Gavin Crichton asked people what news stories were making them angry.  What will be the burning issue for the second Newsgroup?  Come and find out at 10 am on Saturday 30th January in Pilmeny Youth Club. Be sure to bring your cuttings with you! Continue reading “Bad bankers lose out (if only)”

Lights, action, mushrooms

The aim, inspired by the World Kitchen in Leith, is to celebrate  good home cooking from many cultures.

Here is fresh and spicy food to revive your appetite after Christmas and New Year.  In our first World Kitchen film, Mridu Thanki welcomes us into her kitchen to show us how to cook mushrooms in cream with red peppers and fresh green coriander.  It’s delicious, doesn’t cost much, takes only a few minutes to prepare and cook – and you can probably get all or most of the ingredients at the corner shop. (See below for the recipe). Continue reading “Lights, action, mushrooms”

Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen


Now click here to enjoy the film

We are in the kitchen with Mridu Thanki to taste a meal from her first cookery book, Feasts of India.  On a cold Edinburgh day there are tantalising warm spicy smells coming from the pan and we are getting hungry.  But it isn’t time to eat yet.  While Mridu lines up red peppers, green coriander and creamy button mushrooms we are trying to capture the moment on film  – hoping tummies do not rumble above the sound of sizzling onions, cumin and chillies. Continue reading “Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen”

Speaking out against hate crime

L&B Police event 09

Here’s a chance to make a difference.  Muslim women are increasingly the victims of hidden crimes of hate – verbal threats and words of abuse hurled in public places – but the crimes are rarely reported for fear of making things worse.  That is why the very enterprising charity, Amina-MWRC, is inviting police and women to meet, talk and strengthen a network of support, at a Women’s Hate Crime event in Edinburgh on Wednesday 9 December. [To register email: samina@mwrc.org.uk] Continue reading “Speaking out against hate crime”

World Kitchen cooks up a storm

worldkitchenIf you can’t stand the heat: a rare chance to draw breath in the World Kitchen

It didn’t just rain, it absolutely poured. Recipes and posters got washed away as the deluge battered our poor gazebos.  But cooks just kept on cooking which was just as well because as soon as the rain stopped people came looking for food.  Crowds of them. We might have hoped for better weather but we couldn’t have asked for a better beginning for the World Kitchen than the Gala Day in Leith Links on Saturday (13 June). Continue reading “World Kitchen cooks up a storm”

Come to the World Kitchen in Leith

Calling all cooks.  Here’s your invitation to take part in a unique community event during Leith Festival.  World Kitchen in Leith is based on the simple idea that food is the best way to bring people together so we can celebrate the many different cultures that make Leith the most vibrant part of Scotland’s capital city. [See also World Kitchen Cooks up a Storm] Continue reading “Come to the World Kitchen in Leith”

Read all about it on the community noticeboard

Welcome to a new community website which happened almost by accident but is fast becoming a great source of local information.   Click on EH7 Community Noticeboard to find news and views of the proposed Tesco opening in Picardy Place, how to make requests under the Freedom of Information Act, or how to get council action on problems in your street. And much more. Continue reading “Read all about it on the community noticeboard”

The farmers market comes to Leith


Thanks to Nick Gardner for the pictures

There’s nothing like a food market to bring life to a public space. The fortnightly farmers market transforms the view outside Ocean Terminal between 10 am and 4pm every second and fourth Friday of the month.  And tomorrow is indeed the second Friday of April.  Continue reading “The farmers market comes to Leith”