Leith Open Space Group formed in the aftermath of the London bombings of July 2005. We wanted to try to do something to strengthen the links between the many different communities living side by side in our area. How many of us know our neighbours? What exactly is a multicultural community? What hopes and fears do we have in common? What can we learn from one another?

The first multicultural discussion event in November 2005 set out to find some answers by inviting ethnic minority community groups in Leith to join together in Open Space. The invitation asked Can We Listen to Each Other? The answer was an overwhelmingly positive, ‘yes’. Click here to read the pdf report of the first event.

The second event in May 2006 explored How Can we Widen Opportunities? The day ended with unanimous agreement that it was time for ethnic minority communities to work together to create new opportunities in politics, employment and voluntary work. Click here to read the report of the second event.

Our third event in March 2009 invited women from many different groups  to discuss Who Cares for the Carers?  The theme of the day’s discussion came under the broad umbrella of caring: for the young, the old, the fragile or unwell, the environment; in other words the needs of all ages and stages of life. Click here to read what happened on the day – we are now preparing a report for Scottish Government and all other relevant agencies.

Meanwhile this website offers an open space to introduce and promote the work of local people who are helping to make Leith a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming community. Check the home page for latest news.

Leith Open Space Group grew out of Leith Walk Central Branch of the Labour Party and we are grateful for their continuing support through fundraising events. But our multicultural (maybe intercultural is a better word?) Open Space events and activities are completely non-party-political. The agenda  belongs to you.

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  1. Hi I just came across your website as I was looking at sites for more ways to promote our youth drop-in. It looks great, and I would be grateful if you would consider linking us. We are open for BME young people and friends on thursdays 4-8 and fridays 1-5, and offer free study support, use of computers, Cv help and general support and social activities. Also remote reporting and chill out space.

    thanks v much.
    youth zone workers

  2. The Action Research on Violence Project starts on Wednesday 23rd February 4pm til 5.30pm at the Leith Community Centre Cafe; the project will run every week from then for 13 weeks. The project is open for young people aged around 13-16 years from ethnic minority communities in North Edinburgh and Leith, as this part of our local communities has so far not often been offered space to voice their ideas/opinions and perceptions about such a wide and important subject.

    Run jointly by Shakti and NHS Lothian, and with support from many local BME community and youth support agencies, the sessions will include Forum Theatre sessions (run by Gavin Crichton of Active Inquiry Theatre Company) to investigate the wide topic of ‘Violence’; members will have the chance to develop a forum theatre piece around the themes that emerge from discussions and games. There will also be a chance for people to creatively contribute towards an exhibition containing our ideas, discoveries and possibly questions to other parts of our communities. A daytrip to visit another youth project is also being planned.

    A meeting is being held in Norton Park on Friday 18th February 9.30-11.30am for interested parties and stakeholders to learn more about the project and how you might be able to be involved.

    Please note: the project is not a support group or service, nor is it a focus on issues within particular communities – it is a research focus group for young people starting a vital conversation about an issue that affects EVERYONE.

    To book a place at the stakeholders meeting or for more information, please contact Lisa Rigby on 0131 475 2399 or email lisa@shaktiedinburgh.co.uk.

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