The Forgotten Pioneers: Disability History Month 2017

The marchers were blind men from sheltered workshops and trade union councils. They wanted pensions and workers’ rights; “Justice not charity” was their motto.

Justice not charity…the words ring with significance in our troubled time.  With their characteristic pioneering energy, Disability History Scotland invite us to discover and celebrate the Scots involved in The Forgotten Peoples March, on Saturday 2 December. Over to DHS to explain the background to this timely event for Disability History Month 2017.  Continue reading “The Forgotten Pioneers: Disability History Month 2017”

Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success

It’s one of the transforming powers of art that it can help change the way we see familiar things, not least the places where we live. Joyce MacMillan

Leith is home to many artists.  This week the Wall of Success celebrates the remarkable achievements of two creative pioneers. In different ways their work transforms the place that helps to inspire them   – while LeithLate brings art into streets and cafes, Active Inquiry turns real life into activist theatre.    Continue reading “Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success”

The State Leith: high kicks on the Wall of Success

‘We aim for young people to be accepted as full members of the communities in which they live and learn.’

This is a Wall of Success story to make you smile. The sheer vitality of the young talent displayed on The State Leith is cheering enough, especially in the grey days of early January. It starts with having fun. But the aims of this adventurous young community interest company go much further.

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One Last Push: the final battle of WW1?

What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?  Wilfred Owen

A copy of Wilfred Owen’s discharge letter is among many treasures in the Memory Box. It’s not exactly poetry but that letter brought the poet from a medical centre in Wales to Craiglockhart Hospital in Edinburgh where he met Siegfried Sassoon in 1917.  With such tangible stuff is history told – and retold through the extraordinary work of Disability History Scotland. Continue reading “One Last Push: the final battle of WW1?”

The Last Post: memorial service at Leith Victoria Primary School

In honour of Scottish and German lives lost in the First World War, a service of remembrance with a difference takes place in Victoria Primary on Tuesday 11 November.  The Last Post will sound for two former pupils who died at sea in 1914 and then the choir will lead singing of Silent Night in both English and German in memory of German sailors cared for in Edinburgh hospitals or buried in local cemeteries after the Battle of Dogger Bank in 1915.  Thank you to Duncan Bremner, for this story. Continue reading “The Last Post: memorial service at Leith Victoria Primary School”

Travel Out of Bounds through Scotland

What are you doing on Thursday?  How about taking a trip Out of Bounds through a reinvented Scotland, following a map drawn by black and Asian poets? The journey – funny, disturbing and hopeful by twists and turns – begins at the Scottish Poetry Library at 6.30pm. Where will it end? Colin Waters, SPL communications manager, tells us more… Continue reading “Travel Out of Bounds through Scotland”

Not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic

Agnes among Jock Tamson’s Bairns: picture Clara Massie

“We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.” Jimmy Carter

Welcoming guests to Put the World on Your Plate, Agnes Ngulube Holmes quoted Jimmy Carter. The words were a tribute to the great diversity around her at Sunday’s multicultural event when World Kitchen in Leith served up a fusion of foods inspired by the pictures and stories in  Jock Tamson’s Bairns exhibition. This is not your stereotypical view of Scotland’s capital city.

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We’re All Jock Tamson’s Bairns

smiling girl in front of exhibition picture

Thanks to Clara Massie we are ending the year with words and pictures from an inspiring exhibition celebrating the great contribution migrants make to the cultural wealth of Scotland. The exhibition is over – for the time being anyway – but the impact remains. Continue reading “We’re All Jock Tamson’s Bairns”

Art of successful campaigning: Save The Forest

The art of campaigning – don’t give up.  Save The Forest are nearly half-way towards raising the cash they need to buy back their iconic arts cafe. Their next big fundraiser is at Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Leith on Friday 23 September from 6.30pm when 30 local and international artists donate original works for a silent art auction to help bridge the gap.

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