Power to the People – an Action Plan for Leith

So, is Leith ready for the Big Society? Even as we speak, the very active Leith community theatre group, ACTive Inquiry, is working with local people to explore how communities can improve life in their neighbourhood.  Then they aim to turn drama into real life.

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Taking action against violence

What is violence? Young people from ethnic minority communities in Leith are being invited to join a thought-provoking project which will turn real life experience of violence into a new Forum Theatre production with ACTive Inquiry.  The project is run jointly by Shakti and NHS Lothian. Now over to Lisa Rigby at Shakti who explains the aims of this creative new community research…

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Is Leith ready to join the big society?

If we are all to become part of The Big Society should we decide what power and responsibility we want? Should we empower ourselves to say how we want to be empowered?!

One good question always leads to another.  Power to the People? The latest theatre project from ACTive Inquiry invites you to bring your stories, thoughts and ideas to a drama workshop on Saturday 30th October at Pilmeny Youth Centre exploring the meaning of power and empowerment.

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Louder than words: actions of the News Group

Confrontation – how the media simplifies a complex story [pictures by George Lamb]

Every now and then a surprised face peered through the window: this was not business as usual in the Scottish Parliament, not even during the Festival of Politics.  For once the emphasis was on actions rather than words.  And actions can speak volumes. Continue reading “Louder than words: actions of the News Group”

Cafe culture brews revolution in Leith

The cafe was always a place where you could go and talk about changing the world. But now a bigger change is happening; something that requires less talk and more action…

Action points: there’s lots of exciting stuff simmering below the surface which we are not quite ready to tell you about. But one festival event is ready and raring to go public.  Don’t miss The Legacy the latest Flashback Drama Group production during Leith Festival on June 17, 18 and 19 in Out of the Blue Drill Hall. Continue reading “Cafe culture brews revolution in Leith”

Difference, diversity and the ghost story at the Scottish Parliament

Looking to the future: Peace and Security is the theme of this year’s international Africa Day. Picture by Yvonne Baginsky

This is a busy month for African communities in Edinburgh.  There’s a brave new play  exploring difference and diversity through children’s eyes, and the annual celebration of Africa Day focusing on international issues.  But first the play which is being launched at the Scottish Parliament next week… Continue reading “Difference, diversity and the ghost story at the Scottish Parliament”

Smile please – you’re in Leith

All smiles: Maria Masur-Grieve and just visible behind her Marek Pietryzykowski

Politicians take note.  Sometimes the simplest ideas win the most hearts, minds and votes. Last night’s political drama in Fort Community Wing ended with a competition for a project to change life in Leith for the better.  And the clear winners of a small cash prize to make it happen were Maria and Marek for an idea that costs nothing to put into action.  Smiling Leith simply asks everyone to smile three times a day to a complete stranger.  Continue reading “Smile please – you’re in Leith”

Be the change (and win a prize to make it happen)

It’s not just make-believe.  Actors in Change – the political drama coinciding with the general election campaign –  will invite the audience to vote for changes they want to happen in real life.  But this election involves community organisations who work for positive change and the winning votes come with a small cash prize. Which is why ACTive Inquiry is inviting local groups to performances, starting with Thursday’s event in Fort Community Wing (see also last blog). This is where you come in… Continue reading “Be the change (and win a prize to make it happen)”

Change – a real life political drama at a theatre near you

“I’ve never seen anything like it! It is such an interesting and dynamic way to explore issues. I really liked how the audience interacted with and influenced the play.”

While politicians debate, a Leith community theatre invites local people to explore what positive change  means and how we can make it happen.  Change is the name of a unique theatre project which opens with a first performance at Fort Community Wing on Thursday 29 April  at 7 pm.

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Defining change in the theatre of politics

CHANGE – a theatre project during the General Election
Saturday 10th April 10am-1pm, Pilmeny Youth Centre, FREE

So what do we mean by change? Can we do more to change things than just voting every four or five years?  With questions like these, Leith-based theatre company ACTive Inquiry invites local people to help create a piece of real-life theatre exploring change for performance and debate –  deliberately timed to coincide with the General Election campaign.  Continue reading “Defining change in the theatre of politics”