Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success

It’s one of the transforming powers of art that it can help change the way we see familiar things, not least the places where we live. Joyce MacMillan

Leith is home to many artists.  This week the Wall of Success celebrates the remarkable achievements of two creative pioneers. In different ways their work transforms the place that helps to inspire them   – while LeithLate brings art into streets and cafes, Active Inquiry turns real life into activist theatre.    Continue reading “Active Inquiry, LeithLate open eyes and minds: Wall of Success”

Taboos, temptations – and a little Eve’s pudding

What to cook for the Being Human Festival event? Treading softly through food taboos, World Kitchen in Leith has drawn up a tempting menu with dishes sending aromas sizzling through cyberspace in a rapid exchange of emails between the cooks. Continue reading “Taboos, temptations – and a little Eve’s pudding”

Power to the People – an Action Plan for Leith

So, is Leith ready for the Big Society? Even as we speak, the very active Leith community theatre group, ACTive Inquiry, is working with local people to explore how communities can improve life in their neighbourhood.  Then they aim to turn drama into real life.

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Taking action against violence

What is violence? Young people from ethnic minority communities in Leith are being invited to join a thought-provoking project which will turn real life experience of violence into a new Forum Theatre production with ACTive Inquiry.  The project is run jointly by Shakti and NHS Lothian. Now over to Lisa Rigby at Shakti who explains the aims of this creative new community research…

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Power to the People?

Anyone for the Big Society?  Power to the People? invites you to get involved. Just like Alice, a long-term resident of Hillstone, who is inspired by the new Hillstone Empowerment Project to make some positive changes in her community. Will her enthusiasm be enough to get other people on board and to challenge the agenda of those with power? Find out on Sunday…

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Is Leith ready to join the big society?

If we are all to become part of The Big Society should we decide what power and responsibility we want? Should we empower ourselves to say how we want to be empowered?!

One good question always leads to another.  Power to the People? The latest theatre project from ACTive Inquiry invites you to bring your stories, thoughts and ideas to a drama workshop on Saturday 30th October at Pilmeny Youth Centre exploring the meaning of power and empowerment.

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Louder than words: actions of the News Group

Confrontation – how the media simplifies a complex story [pictures by George Lamb]

Every now and then a surprised face peered through the window: this was not business as usual in the Scottish Parliament, not even during the Festival of Politics.  For once the emphasis was on actions rather than words.  And actions can speak volumes. Continue reading “Louder than words: actions of the News Group”

Scottish Parliament votes for maximum wage

It’s true. In the debating chamber of the Scottish Parliament yesterday a majority voted in favour of a maximum wage, a cap on bank bonuses and renationalisation of the railways. Whatever will the News Group do tomorrow? Continue reading “Scottish Parliament votes for maximum wage”

Turning a new Facebook page

Phew!  It took two attempts and then a bit more trial and error but Leith Open Space finally has a Facebook Page – with thanks to Dougal Perman and Anny Deery for support and guidance, Ally Tibbitt of Greener Leith for setting a great example, and to the good friends who are already joining the page.  Looks like it is going to be a very good way to spread the word about our new adventures in catering and drama… Continue reading “Turning a new Facebook page”

Leith drama workshops in the Festival of Politics

It’s official – if a little scary – we’re in the Festival of Politics along with Annie Lennox, Mark Thomas and John Prescott. Admittedly we’re not all on the same platform at the same time. But the News Group are delighted to be in the fantastic programme of events taking place at the Scottish Parliament in August. Continue reading “Leith drama workshops in the Festival of Politics”