Power to the People?

Anyone for the Big Society?  Power to the People? invites you to get involved. Just like Alice, a long-term resident of Hillstone, who is inspired by the new Hillstone Empowerment Project to make some positive changes in her community. Will her enthusiasm be enough to get other people on board and to challenge the agenda of those with power? Find out on Sunday…

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Exits and entrances in the theatre

…the woman and man in the street do not know that they are speaking theatre. Augusto Boal April 16 1931 – May 2 2009

The pioneering Leith community theatre group, Active Inquiry is making its debut with SPACE, the story of Maggie, an ordinary woman who finds it difficult to persuade people in the local community to help her save the neighbourhood park from being turned into a car park. (Next performance Wednesday 13th May). Continue reading “Exits and entrances in the theatre”