Your Visions for Leith Walk (and more to come)

circle of seats before the meeting
Scene setting with creative designs: the open space soon filled

A mix of bold and simple ideas got people talking at Your Vision for Leith Walk the Open Space event organised by Greener Leith and Leith Open Space in Out of the Blue last week. Top votes went to the boldest idea – a Green Bridge – but there were many other ideas to improve life in Leith Walk which could appear on the ground much sooner.

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Voting for renewable energy in Leith

So near to winning. The ambitious scheme for the Portobello and Leith Wind Turbine will succeed if enough people vote for it on the Energy Share Fund website. Right now it’s in second place  and it’s beginning to look very close indeed.   If we can all encourage friends to vote before 3 December Edinburgh could gain the first community-owned wind project in a UK city. You just need to click here. Continue reading “Voting for renewable energy in Leith”

Spring comes to Persevere too


Last year’s harvest at Persevere: time to plant this year’s crop.

It really must be spring. Ally Tibbitt of Greener Leith reminds us there is a spring clean at Persevere Community Garden too on Saturday 21st March. There’s a pond to dig, topsoil to spread, weeds to pull and (almost certainly) some rubbish  to tidy up. The  garden is open from 11 am until early afternoon.  And the more who can come to help, the merrier! Continue reading “Spring comes to Persevere too”

Springing into action at Redbraes


Catnapping by the Polish memorial at Redbraes

What a difference a year makes. It is hard to believe that the view has changed so much since a group of enthusiastic volunteers started work on this site last spring.  Now Redbraes Community Garden is about to spring into action for a new growing season. Come and join the team on Saturday 21 March at 11 am when the hut will be open for refreshments. Continue reading “Springing into action at Redbraes”

Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part


Can art change society? Here’s news of an exciting new community theatre project in Leith which aims to get people asking questions about the world around us. And maybe come up with some answers about how to change it. No theatre experience needed.  Just turn up and get involved on Saturday 14 March in St James Hall, 12 St John’s Place. Continue reading “Real life drama in Leith: come and play a part”

What a load of rubbish


Sadly there’s no truth in the myth that Inuits have 87 words for snow (according to yesterday’s radio there are just as many English words for the white stuff) but who has more words for rubbish? On Saturday while snow covered much of the UK, the sun shone on volunteers picking litter out of Pilrig Park.  That’s litter, rubbish, trash, garbage, junk, detritus, gubbins, yuk…you name it,  Greener Leith volunteers found it. And filled 48 bags full of it. Continue reading “What a load of rubbish”

What’s your view of Boundary Square?


Circling the square…

Do you walk through the square on your way home? Do you pause by the benches and wonder what the space is for? If so then Elric Honoré would like to hear from you. Elric is carrying out a public consultation for Port of Leith Housing Association to discover what people think of Boundary Square in the pedestrian area of Buchanan Street. And workshops starting on Wednesday 19 November give you a chance to take an active part in improving it. Elric explains why … Continue reading “What’s your view of Boundary Square?”