Travel Out of Bounds through Scotland

What are you doing on Thursday?  How about taking a trip Out of Bounds through a reinvented Scotland, following a map drawn by black and Asian poets? The journey – funny, disturbing and hopeful by twists and turns – begins at the Scottish Poetry Library at 6.30pm. Where will it end? Colin Waters, SPL communications manager, tells us more… Continue reading “Travel Out of Bounds through Scotland”

Carry a poem all around town

Spot the poetry in St Andrew Square?

Sadly, we missed the event in Leith last week when performance poet Mark Thompson carried poetry to the Library, for an evening about life and learning with adult learners and tutors from CLAN Edinburgh. But there’s still two weeks to go in the Carry a Poem campaign with free events all round town – not least the snowdrop walks in the Botanics every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in February.  And look for the poetry planted in St Andrew Square. Continue reading “Carry a poem all around town”

Home thoughts: poetry for Refugee Week

yellowleavesThe ‘poetry tree’ in St Andrew Square Garden

Home is a dead tree in the garden.  Well, not quite so dead now that it is fluttering with poems about home to mark Refugee Week in Edinburgh. Continue reading “Home thoughts: poetry for Refugee Week”

The poetry and prose of caring: a tribute to women

They let life go and they get life going,
they live to give love and they love to let live.

Finding the right words is not always easy.   For many women caring is such a natural part of daily life they do not stop to put what they are doing into words.  We went to the Scottish Poetry Library for inspiration.

Among shelves and shelves of books, there are poems by women from all over the world and we will display at least a few of them at the Leith Open Space event for women, Who Cares for the Carers on Saturday 14 March.  Continue reading “The poetry and prose of caring: a tribute to women”