The big World Kitchen brunch

Rise and shine: marmalade cake is on the brunch menu too

Yesterday we had one of those isn’t-it-exciting-help-don’t-panic meetings.  We’ve gone from worrying no-one will come to finding we are now fully booked.  So all we have to do now is make sure we cook enough food to feed a big and enthusiastic crowd of all ages coming to the World Kitchen in Leith multicultural family brunch on Sunday.

That’s Sunday 20th March in Out of the Blue Drill Hall Arts Cafe and it’s only three days away (well two and a half but who’s counting).  This time, for the third World Kitchen in Leith event, we are working with Multi-Cultural Family Base to raise funds for their tremendous work with young people and families in Leith.  And it’s not just food – there’s a programme of art, music and storytelling.

That means some very interesting text and email messages flying back and forward. At MCFB Becky is organising a wonderful mix of African and Indian music (sitar and tabla, jazz, Senegalese Afro-beat) and Sarah is putting together an art exhibition along with stalls of art and crafts for sale including African jewellery.

And of course there is food. As always an enthusiastic team of cooks have gathered together to create the kind of multicultural menu you certainly won’t find in a cafe.

There’s Alice’s African beans in coconut and spinach with peanut butter, Bea’s Scottish cheese scones, haggis bites and border tart, Ellie’s Spanish empanadillas and chorizo and lentil stew, Meena’s Indian spinach dhokra and chickpea chaat, and my American-Scottish fusion of New York diner breakfast bagels plus Scottish afternoon-tea apple pancakes.

We’re delighted to be able to offer extra spice with pakoras and sweet meats from Punjabn De Rasoi on Leith Walk, chutneys and jams from Greener Monday, beautiful Polish beetroot soup from Kleofas cafe –  and those hand-made bagels are from the Manna House on Easter Road.

Sorry, got to dash. A facebook message from Meena reminds me she’s working out the best way to steam a bulk supply of dhokra…and I’ve got to work on those apple pancakes.

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