Dedicated to Japan

Our World Kitchen brunch was a great success (and more about that later).  Food is a fantastic way of bringing people together but food is also an essential part of life.  For the Women’s Federation for World Peace their new World Recipe Book is now a way to raise money for Japan.

The launch of the world recipe book in Leith Methodist Church on Saturday 25 March was always planning to celebrate Japan.  But now, since the devastation brought by earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosions, WFWP have decided to dedicate all money raised during the event to relief.

As Harumi Currie of WFWP  puts it:

“We still don’t know whole scale of the disaster. We hear worse news everyday. We have many friends in Japan and our heart naturally goes to them.

“WFWP-Scotland decided our recipe book launch on 25th is combinedwith raising fund for Japan. The programme is the same; talks, music and free tasting. We sell our recipe book and the Japanese goods. All proceeds go to the victims. Please invite your friends as well.”

Saturday’s event at the Acorn Centre in Junction Street Leith includes Japanese Harp and African Drum performances. There will also be free tastings of recipes from the book published with funding from Awards for All.

25th March

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