Buried treasure unearthed in the garden


Harvest time in Persevere Community Garden

The sun was shining through the window and there was a pot of tea on the go. To be honest, I could have been tempted to stay at home last Saturday but I am very glad I didn’t. The open day at Persevere Community Garden was a great way to spend a day off. There was hot soup, a blazing bonfire, great company and to our amazement, there was a good crop of potatoes growing beneath the weeds in our plot. Hard to believe that just six months ago this ground was so hard we had to use a pick axe to get into it.

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Before and after a lot of digging…

What a difference a growing season can make. Back in April the walled garden surrounded by tall flats was a fairly daunting sight. But last weekend it was full of people enjoying the results of their hard work: raised beds of Upward Mobility have produced a fine crop of flowers and vegetables; Persevere Community Flat grew a great mix of veg including beetroot, carrots, and kohlrabi; and Greener Leith and Leith Open Space dug up a very respectable 8 kilos of potatoes.


Enthusiastic helpers surround Charlotte beside Upward Mobility produce – they were rewarded with bags of tatties and lettuce to take home.


Teamwork: Fay, Linda, Charlotte and Dawn enjoy a well earned cuppa…

We enjoyed that cup of tea but won’t be taking it easy for long. Our plot has been planted with blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries and spring bulbs. But the weeds will always be trying to make come back so we will be covering the ground with carpet and woodbark…

Then there are plans to dig a pond and encourage wildlife (other than the two legged flossiekind) into the shady area at the end of the garden. And that sunny corner full of rubble by the gate is just waiting to be transformed into a place for sitting and admiring a good day’s work.

Come and join us. It really is a great way to spend a few hours. Ask Flossie.

[This open view posted by Fay]

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