One potato, two potato…and maybe even more at Persevere open day

top potato

We are about to dig up the potatoes we planted on one of the coldest and wettest midsummer days on record. Come and join us for the Persevere Tattie Harvest from 12noon on Saturday 11 October. Grab a spade and tuck in to the hot and delicious soup we will be making from local potatoes. (No, no, you don’t need a spade for the soup but there is always digging to be done!)

The Persevere potatoes were planted on the plot shared by Leith Open Space and Greener Leith way back on 21 June. After our long, wet summer we are curious to see what the harvest will be like. But the apple trees, planted in April, are doing well and there are plans to add fruit trees and Charlotte Encombe will be bringing daffodils to plant on Saturday for colour in the spring. Gardeners are always full of hope!

Look forward to seeing you in the community garden at Persevere between 12 and 2pm on Saturday.

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