James Grieve, in seach of a local (hidden) hero

The trail ends beneath a thick and prickly holly bush in Rosebank Cemetery.  It’s an unmarked grave which seems odd and sad for a man who made such an impact when he was alive. His portrait is in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, a plaque honours his birthplace in Peebles and, perhaps most importantly of all, his name lives on in the sweet and crunchy apple known as James Grieve.

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Cut or run: how to survive the age of austerity?

Running a mile, “helping with belt tightening”: MCFB staff raise cash and support sponsors at the same time

This is a marathon race with a difference.  Recycling, running, and constantly exploring innovative new ways to raise money – Leith-based voluntary organisation Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB) demonstrates an inspiring determination to maintain vital services despite public spending cuts. Perhaps you also have a story to tell?  Meanwhile over to Becky Robertson office manager at MCFB… Continue reading “Cut or run: how to survive the age of austerity?”

Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen


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We are in the kitchen with Mridu Thanki to taste a meal from her first cookery book, Feasts of India.  On a cold Edinburgh day there are tantalising warm spicy smells coming from the pan and we are getting hungry.  But it isn’t time to eat yet.  While Mridu lines up red peppers, green coriander and creamy button mushrooms we are trying to capture the moment on film  – hoping tummies do not rumble above the sound of sizzling onions, cumin and chillies. Continue reading “Feasts of India in Mridu’s kitchen”

On the beat with Simon Daley

Starting a new series on community, Fay Young and Nick Gardner take a walk with PC Simon Daley who challenges some popular misconceptions about young people – and the police too.


On night patrol Simon Daley sometimes turns on the blue light simply to reassure people that a police car is in their neighbourhood.  By day he often thinks he is invisible. Continue reading “On the beat with Simon Daley”