Grandmothers’ footsteps

Granny Barron at 100 – can’t guarantee eating wheaten bread will give the same results for all.

Every member of the World Kitchen has a food story that goes back generations, every meal has an aroma that stirs memories.  Many  of the stories  and memories cross continents and somehow grandmothers are a recurring theme.

Meena made fresh green chutney from her granny’s secret recipe which was never written down. Mridu’s vegetarian recipes are infused with fond memories of her nanijii in India. Celia’s Irish wheaten bread comes Granny Barron in Belfast  but the recipe is a happy estimate of what ‘a handful of this’ and a ‘pinch of that’ means in terms of grams and fluid ounces.  Daniel’s delicious sour apple cake infused with vanilla is a link to his grandmother in East Poland. Alice’s fish curry is served with maize meal ‘porridge’ a staple of family meals across much of Africa – and now, growing up in Edinburgh, Alice’s young children may well carry that tradition on to the next generation.

So,  beginning our series of World Kitchen recipes we pay tribute to grandmothers across the world, beginning with Granny Barron and her Irish Wheaten Bread.

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