What’s your view of Boundary Square?


Circling the square…

Do you walk through the square on your way home? Do you pause by the benches and wonder what the space is for? If so then Elric Honoré would like to hear from you. Elric is carrying out a public consultation for Port of Leith Housing Association to discover what people think of Boundary Square in the pedestrian area of Buchanan Street. And workshops starting on Wednesday 19 November give you a chance to take an active part in improving it. Elric explains why …

The layout of Boundary Square has been known to be an issue as far back as 1994 – as noted in the minutes of Leith Central Community Council. As it stands, the square does not seem to fulfil any specific functions, is it a place to meet and sit in the sun, should it be a play or a planted area? Or should it be something drastically different?

This consultation aims to find out the current opinion of local residents, and also to collect suggestions for its improvement. To do so, 2400 questionnaires have been distributed to local residents, face-to-face interviews will be carried out and a couple of workshops will be run at the Out of The Blue Drill Hall. The next one is scheduled for the Wednesday 19th November, 6.30pm-7.30pm.

If you would like to participate, but are unable to attend the meetings, the consultation is also online at: http://boundarysquare.blogspot.com/

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