Welfare Reform: Who Benefits?

What will changes to the welfare system mean for you? Here’s an invitation to a conference  on Monday 14 March which aims to raise awareness of the impact of radical changes to the benefit system. Although the event is of particular importance to disabled people, anyone interested in this highly topical subject is welcome – as long as there is enough room in the conference centre at Norton Park. George Lamb, Leith Open Space member, explains:

The conference is aimed at disabled people in particular and that will be who we will give preference too, but we will be pleased to hear from everyone who wants to register. If at the end of the day we are oversubscribed then it points to the issue being much larger and another event will be needed to take up the slack.”

Note contact details – if you would like to register or find out more about the event please get in touch with Matt Wheatley 23 Nichollfield EH6 4RA wheatley.matthew@yahoo.com Tel 0131 554 2464

The conference is free to disabled people. Now, here’s the invitation.

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