Springing into action at Redbraes


Catnapping by the Polish memorial at Redbraes

What a difference a year makes. It is hard to believe that the view has changed so much since a group of enthusiastic volunteers started work on this site last spring.  Now Redbraes Community Garden is about to spring into action for a new growing season. Come and join the team on Saturday 21 March at 11 am when the hut will be open for refreshments.

Here’s the message from garden committe member, Julian Sian:

” Why not come along to your garden and help it on its way with potatoes, spring bulbs, and ideas. For the kids, there is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to paint. Bring vegetable seeds if you can because we need more!”

And in case you need any more inspiration, here are a few scenes of last year’s hard work which turned a figment of the imagination into a flourishing garden.


March 2008 the plan on paper. The design by Rebecca Govier in response to ideas from local residents.


May 2008 plans become action. Becky ( on the left) and Simon Daley (on the right), get digging after winning the lottery. (Simon is a local community police officer and a driving force of the garden).


July 2008: still digging. Young volunteers join the work force preparing for the open day


Time for a teabreak: another broken nail?


The garden grows with generous gifts of time and materials. On the left, Simon receives paint from Euan of Leyland Paints, and on the right   Shremeck, Lukas  and Pawel line up to help create the Polish memorial at the gateway.

Come and create another colourful year at Redbraes.

One thought on “Springing into action at Redbraes”

  1. Hello,
    I am a parent of children at Broughton Primary and Nursery on Broughton Road.
    Given what you’ve created at Redbraes community garden, we wanted to let you know about what we think is an exciting project which has just been given the go ahead.
    The school has been given permission to develop a strip of land, which Edinburgh council owns, between the Bowling Green and cycle path (which runs from Broughton Road to St Marks Park). The plan is to create four 2m sq fruit and veg plots (nearest Broughton Road) and then a winding path through an orchard/wildlife garden to an outdoor classroom.
    We’re wondering if we might be able to speak to you about this, to pick up some useful guidance and possibly draw on any practical support you might be able to offer?
    While we have a small start up fund, we would, of course, be grateful for any suggestions you might have for support – whether in materials, labour, advice, trees etc.
    We received the keys this week. We have, as already mentioned, a small start up fund, and there’s a small team of pupils, staff and parents keen to make it happen but we’re just beginners so any help is welcome.

    All the best,


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