Behind the scenes at City Chambers and Parliament

View of George Street under dark blue sky at dusk
Blue sky thinking in George Street? Photo Ross D Strachan, Creative Commons CC NC by ND 2.0

It was fascinating to see how Edinburgh could look in the future if all sides work together to make a modern city with less congestion and more green space.

David Naylor, the latest participant of the Opening Doors shadow scheme, shares his insight into the work of Edinburgh city councillors and members of the Scottish Parliament. Over to David to tell us more…     Continue reading “Behind the scenes at City Chambers and Parliament”

Out of the shadows into the political arena

We are delighted that Marion Donaldson has become our first ‘shadow’ to stand for election. Marion is the Labour candidate for the Leith Walk by-election on 10 September, and it promises to be an unusually energetic campaign with not just one but two seats to fill. Continue reading “Out of the shadows into the political arena”

Who holds the Scottish government to account?

In theory, elections are the voters’ chance to decide who runs the country.  But once the dust has settled who holds the government to account for the next four or five years?   No matter who represents Scotland in Westminster after 7 May, Tricia Marwick, presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, makes  a strong case for reforming the way we do things in Holyrood. Continue reading “Who holds the Scottish government to account?”