Out of the shadows into the political arena

We are delighted that Marion Donaldson has become our first ‘shadow’ to stand for election. Marion is the Labour candidate for the Leith Walk by-election on 10 September, and it promises to be an unusually energetic campaign with not just one but two seats to fill. Continue reading “Out of the shadows into the political arena”

Opening Doors to civic engagement in Edinburgh

Who is Leith Open Space? What is a shadow scheme? Can you get arrested for that?  Is it a mentoring programme? Similar to an internship? Do you get paid? Some of the diverse and rather amusing questions I was asked during my time shadowing on Opening Doors to Democracy, facilitated by Leith Open Space.  Continue reading “Opening Doors to civic engagement in Edinburgh”

Re-Opening Doors 2013.

Friday: 11.30 am. Zahira Hassan has just arrived in Sarah Boyack’s office. A quick glance at the MSP’s diary is enough to convince her that she is in for a very interesting few weeks shadowing the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Planning. Continue reading “Re-Opening Doors 2013.”

Politics out of the shadow


Ola and Malcolm standing in the Scottish Parliament lobby.
Ola Kasprzak with Malcolm Chisholm

Politicians, preoccupied with political rivalry, can forget the most important thing –  the needs of people they represent

Read Ola Kasprzak’s fascinating and forthright report of her experience  of shadowing two politicians in the Scottish Parliament and City of Edinburgh Council – she says they changed her negative opinion of politicians but her conclusions should be read by anyone standing for election this year. Or any other year. Continue reading “Politics out of the shadow”

And a song to march to

We are Remembering is a rousing song to help you on your way tomorrow. And there are lots more. The radical choir, Protest in Harmony, has compiled a song book to help the Gude Cause march in step through Edinburgh.  If you want to tune up first, Chris Booth says the choir will be pleased to see you at the practice at 10.30 at James Gillespies’ School, Lauderdale St. Edinburgh near Bruntsfield Links where the procession starts. Continue reading “And a song to march to”

Women on the march


Thanks to the Gude Cause for letting us use an image from their website.

Some things change. A hundred years ago women were marching up Princes Street demanding the vote.  Tomorrow perhaps more than 4000 women, men and children will be celebrating the occasion and this time they will include women who have been voted into parliament and local government. Continue reading “Women on the march”

Singing and stitching in time

Marching in violet, white and green

A pageant of creative conviction …

Agnes Holmes answers the phone with a needle and thread in one hand.  “I’m sitting here writing emails, answering the phone and stitching at the same time,” she says with her usual good humour.  As always there’s lots going on at the Africa Centre and only three days to finish the banner they will unfurl for the Gude Cause march on Saturday. Continue reading “Singing and stitching in time”

Wanted: women in politics

Great minds think alike!  We are very interested to get news of this event encouraging women from all minority ethnic communities to get involved in politics.  Click on ‘more’ for details of the women’s workshops organised by the Scottish Government equalities office in Glasgow Chambers on 13 February – and look out for news of the Leith Open Space women’s event coming very soon. Continue reading “Wanted: women in politics”