Opening Doors to civic engagement in Edinburgh

Who is Leith Open Space? What is a shadow scheme? Can you get arrested for that?  Is it a mentoring programme? Similar to an internship? Do you get paid? Some of the diverse and rather amusing questions I was asked during my time shadowing on Opening Doors to Democracy, facilitated by Leith Open Space.  Continue reading “Opening Doors to civic engagement in Edinburgh”

Discovering the inner workings of Edinburgh political life

“As a small business owner  I had always wondered how decisions were made by the Council…”

Tracy Griffen signed up with Opening Doors to find out more about local politics. Here she  explains what she learned by shadowing Councillor Nick Gardner at his work in the City Chambers and out and about in the community of Leith Walk.  Our thanks to Tracy for taking part in the shadow scheme and for providing us with such excellent feedback.  Now, over to Tracy… Continue reading “Discovering the inner workings of Edinburgh political life”

Opening Doors to the City Chambers

On a clear day you can see a long way from Lesley Hinds’ office window: across the city, down to Princes Street and over to Fife. We took a few minutes to enjoy the view as we gathered for our first meeting of the shadow scheme (Opening Doors to Democracy 2014). So much of what happens in the streets below is shaped by decisions taken in the City Chambers. Yet how many people know how those decisions are made or who makes them?

Continue reading “Opening Doors to the City Chambers”