Who was that Santa?


We arrived just as Santa was leaving so we didn’t even have time to snap what might have been  a tell-tale picture of his boots as he disappeared out the door. Luckily Pawel Drozd was there with his camera to capture the atmosphere of another great Swietlica Christmas party – and two of the star performers.


It seems no time since we were at the last Swietlica Christmas party.  This year instead of the traditional Polish celebration on Christmas Eve – with 12 courses of food – the party coincided with the last Monday drop in club of 2009 at Fort Community Wing but as always there were plenty of good things to eat. And even if it wasn’t Wigilia (the Polish Christmas Eve) there was still the ritual of oplatek, the breaking and sharing of wafers of unleavened bread which gets everyone in the room talking to one another.


As Kasia Raszewska promised in the invitation, the evening was full of singing, some dancing and a chance to catch up with friends.


Thanks to Pawel for the pictures, to  Swietlica for inviting us to the party. And to Santa – or should that be St Nicholas? –  for the presents. (Rumour has it that he was an undercover cop but we don’t have a picture of the boots to prove it).

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