Wind and Bamboo podcasts: what is China now?

Wind and Bamboo   70

Traditional Chinese music in Edinburgh’s Botanics

We might just as well ask, where is China now? In this fascinating podcast series Kimho Ip explains why you are more likely to find traditional Chinese culture in Edinburgh than the fast developing cities of China. His conversations with Stephen Blackmore, Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, find common interest in conserving the best of nature and human culture. You can download the podcasts free of charge.

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We are delighted to present this series which was produced for Kimho’s intercultural project, Dialogues of Wind and Bamboo, in the Botanics this summer. You can read more about that from our June blog or on the Dialogues of Wind and Bamboo website.

The Dialogues of Wind and Bamboo podcast series is produced by Inner Ear LTD

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