Red Eye Friday: focus on US politics

Whoever wins on Tuesday, Red Eye film club takes a hard look at US politics on Friday 7 November. As organiser Mike Cowley comments: “Robert Redford’s ‘The Candidate’ will screen at a telling moment in US history. Can a black politician espousing liberal values win in the country of the free? And will that victory be a pyrrhic one, as Redford’s character Bill McKay discovers?” 

The Red Eye film club continues its programme of radical and socialist movies and documentaries with ‘The Candidate’ (made in 1972 and directed by Michael Ritchie). The show in Pilmeney Youth Centre, Buchanan Street, Leith starts at 7pm Friday 7 November. As always, admission is free and everyone is welcome.

“‘The Candidate’ offers a bleak assessment of the US political process, its cheapening of principle and the triumph of consumerist impulses over citizen engagement,” says Mike.

Films run on the first Friday of each month, into 2009 and beyond.

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