Planting colour in Newhaven

‘It all started with a desire to improve the vista and environment in Newhaven and fortunately we had the backing of Newhaven Heritage Centre…’ In this lovely guest blogpost, Heather Yang tells the cheering story of Newhaven Heritage Community Garden.  Now over to Heather…

It has been possible to bring colour to the streets, windowsills and playgrounds of Newhaven, the small hidden gem in Edinburgh where the old meets the new with a community spirit.

Working with Victoria Primary School and the After School Club we planted bulbs that were donated by Leith Rotary Club and RHS Greening Grey Britain to create carpets of purple crocus in the spring as part of ‘Purple Polio initiative.

Children planting in raised beds Newhaven

The children are looking forward to seeing purple everywhere, around the bus stops, in the playground, along the paths, it will be wonderful.

City of Edinburgh Council granted access to the garden at the Armada Stone and the Old Burial ground so we have planted in there too and renewed all the raised beds in the school playground with children helping with the weeding at play time and after school. What an amazing community spirit was forged!

A grant was received from Volunteering Matters Action Earth and some trees from the Woodland Trust so more delights will be popping up as we were able to plant a fabulous array of plants.

A haven of delight

It has been with a lot of good will and help from local people that change has happened as well as support from Friends of Starbank and wonderful local volunteers that are real gems. Every time we are out planting someone stops by to chat and the pleasure people gain from the gardens is immeasurable as well as the improvement in well being. The change is immense and there is now a little haven of delight in Newhaven for people, birds, butterflies and the bees.

What we did in a year really transformed Newhaven

The next task is to take forward the creation of art in 2017 as well as more planting with the funds from £eith Decides and it is hoped that the successful funding from North Edinburgh Partnership will see work starting soon in conjunction with CEC.

What we did in a year really transformed Newhaven with a combination of support from a variety of sources and many acts of kindness. We are all giving colour to Newhaven and bringing it alive.

We are always looking for volunteers, we have the tools please offer the odd hour as it is so rewarding and health improving. It is remarkable therapy after work or at the weekend or just when you have a spare moment and folk will stop to chat. Also hoping for some help with the art projects in 2017.

See us on Facebook at Newhaven Heritage Community Garden or email

PS: Leith Open Space is delighted the project also adds colour to Side by Side Edinburgh Northern and Leith Wall of Success at The Gathering community event tomorrow at Norton Park. 

Playtime planting at Newhaven primary school




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