A garden guerilla in the Botanics

Spotted in The Poetry Garden last year: Gordon is the one in the stripey jumper.

Perhaps guerilla isn’t quite the right word.  But the ‘geopoetic’ poet Gordon Peters might just encourage his audience to explore the possibilities of guerilla gardening during his Allotted Span at the Botanics tomorrow (2.30pm Wednesday 25th August).  As Gordon explains in an email…

“I am talking a bit about the dimensions of allotting during a hopefully interactive hour,   beside
the Fletcher building and Temperate Glasshouse, and it happens to be on a piece of lawn the exact size of my own allotment.

“Maybe people will design their own space of garden  with insights from Thoreau, maybe we will consider the possibilities of guerilla gardening and  using ’empty’ bits of urban land for community space. And a poem or two.”

The event takes place as part of the storytelling programme in the  ‘Secret Grove of the Garden’
[see more on the Invisible Structures website

And to give you an idea of the treat in store, this is what we just happened to find on Gordon’s website

An Empty Plot

A last late loganberry clings
—– pink and delicate
in a frost-crystalled nano-second sunbeam.
The speed of light helps
you through the dark side.
The memory of sister berries seeping
through white bread ——
the only sacrificial red worth knowing.

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