Red soup for a warm winter supper

No food miles from field to this farm shop

By popular request, here’s the recipe for the red soup we mentioned on Facebook the other night.  Basically you can put together whatever red veg you can find in your cupboard  – a mix sweet potatoes or carrots and tomatoes with lentils for extra nourishment.  But this is the one we made the other night and it worked well.

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Mridu’s Magical Puri Bread

Continuing our World Kitchen in Leith recipe series, Mridu shares the secret of making Puris

They disappeared like hot cakes.  Deep fried Puris were one of the hits of our World Kitchen in Leith festival night.  Easier than rotis or parathas, puris still need a little practice if you want to get them to puff up into a ball. Here Mridu lets us into the secret in this extract from her book, Feasts of India. Now read on…

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Granny Barron’s Irish Wheaten Bread

Starting a series of World Kitchen recipes, Sam Barron passes on a family treat:

The recipe was never written down. Over generations the technique was simply a handful of this and a pinch of that.  Then one of Granny Barron’s daughters watched her mother as she made some bread.  She carefully measured the quantities and came up with a recipe that gets close to how it tasted when her Mum made it. Continue reading “Granny Barron’s Irish Wheaten Bread”

Grandmothers’ footsteps

Granny Barron at 100 – can’t guarantee eating wheaten bread will give the same results for all.

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