Opening Doors to the 2011 election

Congratulations to David ng Hop who has become the first member of our Opening Doors shadow scheme  to put himself forward for election to the Scottish Parliament.  David has been nominated as a Labour candidate for Lothian Region in next year’s Scottish elections.  A lot of work lies ahead but if he was successful, David could be the first Scottish Chinese member of the Scottish Parliament (unless of course anyone knows differently?). Continue reading “Opening Doors to the 2011 election”

Inside out: a view from the shadows

David and Sarah by the stairs in the Scottish Parliament
David Ng Hop with Sarah Boyack MSP at the Scottish Parliament

“It’s never ending”, says David Ng Hop, describing the work of an MSP.  David had asked to take part in the Opening Doors shadow scheme because he wanted to see every aspect of what it means to be a member of the Scottish Parliament.  Here is his report… Continue reading “Inside out: a view from the shadows”

Shadowing a shadow in the Scottish Parliament

Take your seats? Creative Commons picture of the debating chamber by gnomonic

Monday 10.15 am at the Scottish Parliament – we clear security and head ‘backstage’ to the MSPs offices where Sarah Boyack is printing out her diary for the week.  Since there is nothing confidential in there she lets us have a quick peek: lots of meetings both in and out of the parliament but the day starts with an inroduction to David Ng Hop. And that of course is why we are here. Continue reading “Shadowing a shadow in the Scottish Parliament”