World Kitchen brunch – a success

thanks to Ellie Casson for the delicious chorizo stew…and for the picture too

Where to start?  That was a problem facing our guests at the World Kitchen multicultural brunch which we organised with Multi-Cultural Family Base in Out of the Blue a week ago. We were spoiled for choice with the range of dishes cooked up by the team plus extra treats provided by our friends at  Punjabn De Rasoi  and Kleofas cafe.  Now we’ve got the task of selecting some recipes for publication so you can try them out at home.  Coming up soon…

… there’s Meena’s beautiful steamed spinach cake from Indian, Bea’s melt-in-the-mouth Scottish tablet, Alice’s wonderful African beans in coconut, Ellie’s delicious empanadillas from a traditional Spanish recipe and (ahem) my Scottish apple pancakes with cinnamon butter.

There will be more stories to tell about the artists and musicians who helped to make the day such a memorable occasion with a really happy and welcoming atmosphere.  We hope to track at least some of them down to find out more about their work – starting perhaps with  Lawrence Howells of Tabla Alba, the sitar band who filled the room with evocative sound.

Meanwhile, of course, the cooks were trying to keep up with a great flow of guests and we owe special thanks to our very willing and hard working volunteers (there was some truly heroic dishwashing going on in the kitchen) as well as Isi and staff at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall Arts Cafe

And at the end of it all it looks as if we have raised a good sum towards the work of MCFB (we’ll let you know exactly how much when the counting is finished).

But first we’re delighted to start the World Kitchen brunch recipe blog with Ellie Casson who explains what happened when she delvesd into a traditional Spanish cookery book to find a recipe for  empanadillas. We’ll be posting that in the next blog.

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  1. Delighted to report that the brunch raised around £1000 for the work of Multi-Cultural Family Base

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