A cake for all weathers

“I wish I could join you, But perhaps you could share this recipe with your friends instead.”

Rose Jamieson lives in Perthshire so was not able to join us for our recent events in Out of the Blue Drill Hall. But her cake was a hot favourite on the desert stall at Jock Tamson’s Brunch.  We’re hoping Rose can join us in person when World Kitchen in Leith goes on tour (no kidding, more about that later)  but meanwhile here’s her lovely apple cake recipe…

Delicous. We scattered almonds on top before baking

This is a family favourite from a cookery book Jim, my husband gave me for Christmas; The National Trust Traditional Recipe Book.

Apple cakes are a speciality of the West Country and some cakes contain cider. This is a lovely cake and my family loved it when eaten hot – I feel it is best served first as a pudding and then as a conventional cake. The recipe serves 6 but this just depends how big the portions are.


175g (60z) self-raising flour.  I teaspoon mixed spice, (I put in more) 225g (8 oz) sugar, 225g (8 oz) butter,  700g (1.5 lbs) cooking apples 2 eggs beaten and  a little milk (not cider in this cake!).


Preheat the oven to 190C 375 F gas mark 5 Grease a 23-x 23cm -9 x 9-inch tin. Sift the flour and mixed spice together and put into bowl with the sugar- Roughly chop in the butter but do not rub in or cream – I found very small cubes worked best.  Peel the apples and slice into the mixture. Again I found making the slices very small worked best. Add the beaten eggs and enough milk to make a fairly stiff batter. Bake in the tin for about 1 and a half hours until golden brown ( I found it took a lot less with a fan assisted oven).

It is fab served hot though very difficult to cut so leave to cool a little. Serve with anything you like – Mascarpone, cream cheese, or any other sort of cream, fromaige frais and custard is fine too!  A cake for all weathers.  Enjoy.

PS. This is indeed a delicious cake and very easy to make. We just added a few flaked almonds before baking.

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