Wanted: women in politics

Great minds think alike!  We are very interested to get news of this event encouraging women from all minority ethnic communities to get involved in politics.  Click on ‘more’ for details of the women’s workshops organised by the Scottish Government equalities office in Glasgow Chambers on 13 February – and look out for news of the Leith Open Space women’s event coming very soon.

Here’s what the Equalities Office has to say:


Did you know that there are nearly 20,000 local councillors in England and Wales but sadly, only around 30.8 % of these are women?  Interestingly, women from minority ethnic backgrounds make up less than 1% of all councillors, despite being over 5% of the overall population.  We want to encourage more women, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds to get involved and change this.

Here is how you can help. Join Baroness Uddin, Chair of the Women Councillors Taskforce and  other inspirational speakers like Taskforce member Neelam Bakshi at a free event and hear about the steps they took in order to participate fully in public life. You will be given the opportunity to participate in two interactive workshops with experienced facilitators.

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm (followed by free Networking lunch)
Friday 13 February 2009
Glasgow City Chambers, 80 George Square , Glasgow G2 1DU

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