Re-Opening Doors 2013.

Friday: 11.30 am. Zahira Hassan has just arrived in Sarah Boyack’s office. A quick glance at the MSP’s diary is enough to convince her that she is in for a very interesting few weeks shadowing the Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Planning. Continue reading “Re-Opening Doors 2013.”

This is what politics is about


Sarah Boyack MSP and Francis Kahembwe photographed between meetings on another busy day at Holyrood.

“How interesting  to see kids of 9-11yrs with so much interest in politics. I was exposed to something new which I could communicate to my parliamentary friends in Uganda.”

During his last few days as a ‘shadow’ in the Scottish Parliament, Francis Kahembwe somehow found time to keep a diary. Here is his fascinating observation of Scottish politics at work – and his hope for the future. Continue reading “This is what politics is about”

Opening Doors in 2009


Francis Kahembwe and Sarah Boyack at the start of the Opening Doors shadowing programme which ends with three more days in Holyrood.

Francis Kahembwe returns to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday to finish the shadowing programme he started last year. But  Opening Doors will not be closing. During the coming year we hope to continue  the interesting new direction Francis has helped us to take. And that is where you could come in… Continue reading “Opening Doors in 2009”