Seeking world peace

The speakers represent three different religious traditions: Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Together they are seeking common ground and nothing less ambitious than a way towards world peace at an interfaith event in Annandale Street Mosque on Saturday 3 May.

This event, freely open to the public, is a local response to a global call for common understanding between the world’s great faiths. As Rev Brian Cooper explains, the Edinburgh InterFaith Association is supporting the event as a direct response to the Muslim document, A Common Word Between Us and You, calling for peace between Muslims and Christians.

The speakers are: Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid JP a leading British Muslim actively involved in the international interfaith movement and respected for his work in seeking a meaningful interpretation of Islam for the 21st century;

Father Chris Boles, Director of the Lauriston Jesuit Centre, and Director of Justice and Peace in the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh;

And, bringing the Buddhist perspect, Jon Bagust from the Edinburgh Community of Interbeing.

Everyone is invited to this event arranged by World Disarmament Campaign Inter-faith Peace Work with Annandale Street Mosque and supported by Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association..

Saturday 7pm 3May Annandale Street Mosque

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