Red Eye Friday

Make a note. If it’s the first Friday of the month it’s Red Eye Friday. The new radical film club opened in September with Who Shot the Sheriff. This month’s screening in Pilmeny Youth Centre on Friday 3 October offers a UK Cold War thriller Defence of the Realm which teeters on the brink of nuclear disaster in the days of dear old Ronald Reagan.

There’s an eerily topical edge to the political tensions of this film made in 1985 with a cast of British stalwarts (Denholm Elliot, Ian Bannen and Fulton MacKay, support Gabriel Byrne and Greta Scacchi). And with cafe seating in a relaxed atmosphere you might want to hang around and discuss it afterwards. Don’t miss it: Friday October 3rd, 7pm at Pilmeny Youth Centre, Buchanan Street, Leith. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Future screenings

November 7th – The Last Party 2000. As Red Eye club organiser Mike Cowley says: “This is a documentary on George Bush’s fraudulent 2000 Presidential ‘victory’ with Michael Moore, Ralph Nader and more Hollywood stars than you can shake a stick at!”

From then on the dates are: December 5th; January 2nd; February 6th; March 6th. Films have still to be arranged but Mike has an inexhaustible supply – suggestions are welcome.

All screenings begin at 7pm, with a brief introduction and discussion after the film.

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  1. I went to the first screening, Who Shot the Sheriff, and really enjoyed the chance to watch a film in such a relaxed surrounding and sit around with friends discussing it afterwards. Well done Mike!

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