Out of the shadows

“Any positive contact people have with ethnic groups will help…”

Subash Punn, a community worker currently shadowing Mark Lazarowicz MP, was featured in a positive report in the Evening News about the Opening Doors shadow scheme. “Ethnic Minorities stepping out of the shadows in political link up? 19 October.

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Mark Lazarowicz MP with his two ‘shadows’ Subash Punn and Kasia Raszewska
at the launch of Opening Doors on 5 October

Subash, who comes from an Indian background, told the Evening News that he was taking part in the shadowing scheme to learn more about the political process. He said he hopes the project will help to increase understanding between communities because he is disturbed by an increase in racist incidents since the July bombings in London last year.

“Any positive contact people have with ethnic groups will help,” he said. “We were making progress along the right lines, but it just takes something like the Twin Towers or the London bombings and that progress is wiped out.”

His call for greater understanding was reinforced by Mark Lazarowicz who told the Evening News, “All sorts of events can lead to increased tensions. The whole point of this exercise is to build up strong relations which mean that events that threaten these relationships don’t end up tearing communities apart.?

Subash is now looking forward to learning what the political process means for Mark as an MP at Westminster. Meanwhile, Doris Koyobe and Celina Mbwiria have been getting an insight into the workings of the City of Edinburgh Council. Shadowing Phil Attridge and Dougie Kerr, Celina and Doris were invited to view the October meeting of the full council.

All the ‘shadows’ are getting a chance to sit in on surgery sessions and community events such as attending the Greener Leith meeting to learn about progress of plans for a community garden in Leith.

Keep watching this space!

2 thoughts on “Out of the shadows”

  1. I read some of the responses to Subash’s comments and was surprised by how negative most responses were – but i suppose that’s what free debate is all about!

  2. Leith Open Space Group managed to get one comment removed from the Evening News online debate – after we reported the comment as unsuitable the webmaster removed it immediately. So it is always worth taking action.

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