Opening Doors to Democracy 2014

Happy Monday everyone. This is a big week for Leith Open Space. We are launching this year’s shadow scheme, Opening Doors to Democracy 2014, with a really great group of participants keen to discover what city councillors and MSPs do all day.

Today we will be meeting Councillor Lesley Hinds in the City Chambers for a briefing session, along with Nick Gardner, a founder member of Leith Open Space in 2005, and now a City Councillor himself.  The programme aims to give shadows a chance to see decision making in the community, at council meetings and through city-wide consultation.

More details to follow here on LOS blog.

Leith Open Space Group launched  the Opening Doors shadow scheme in October 2006 to provide local people with an opportunity to take part in our democratic process and at the same time to give our politicians new insight into the lives of the communities they represent. That seemed important to us back then, rediscovering the democratic process has probably never been more important than it is today.



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