Onwards, upwards and outwards?

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Changing views of Leith: artwork by Tommy Perman

Are developments in Leith meeting the needs of local people? Deborah Cameron is keen hear your views of plans for Leith.

Deborah, who is a student at Heriot Watt University, is studying for her MSc
in Urban and Regional Planning. Working as a planner for Aberdeenshire Council, she is gathering research for her dissertation, “To assess the potential for Leith’s waterfront development proposals to provide for the city-wide needs of Edinburgh”.

As she explained in an email to Leith Open Space, “My objectives are to review the future citywide needs of Edinburgh as set out in the development plans. From reviewing the policies I shall set out my own set of criteria for social, economic and physical issues. I am going to investigate through key stakeholders their perceptions of what Leith proposals are likely to achieve in terms of satisfying the city wide needs.”

We have put her in touch with some of our friends and supporters but she is hoping to gather views from as many individuals, stakeholders, community groups, and community councils, as possible to get a wide range of responses.

You can contact Deborah by emailing us at leithopenspace@btconnect.com or through her work:
Planning & Environmental Services
Aberdeenshire Council
Tel: 01358 726408

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