How to support Burma?

The struggle for democracy in Burma continues. Although internet access has been choked in Burma, there are still remarkable efforts to get the message out to the rest of the world. And at home there are ways of showing support not least at Forthview Primary School in Pilton, Edinburgh.

Here are just a few websites to pass on:

Forthview School in Edinburgh is selling saffron ribbons to raise money for their partner school, Hl Bee, on the border of Thailand and Burma. This inspiring project is supported by the UK Department for International Development and the British Council’s Global Schools Partnership Programme. As the Forthview blog reports, Sheila Laing, Headteacher visited the school run for and by Burmese refugees in Mae Sot in July 2007 and now Dr Thein Lwin visits the Edinburgh school in October with the aid of developing a joint curriculum project between the two schools.
BEST (the Burma Educational Scholarship Trust) is fundraising for Burmese Refugees. Murray Forgie, a trustee of BEST is now in Burma and will be blogging on the Forthview blogspot during his two week visit.

The Democratic Voice of Burma, the radio and television station broadcasting in exile from Norway, is also collecting donations and asking for people to upload messages and images of support.

Burmese bloggers without borders – whatever the Burmese regime may do this website shows people are still blogging from and about Burma. Here is the declaration on their home page:

When certain significant events unfold unexpectedly, we can no longer sing only melodious tunes. Instead, we find ourselves gathering whatever strength we can find, to survive in the turbulence of historical flame. Regardless of where we may be, we are bounded by our love for Burma. Freedom is our sky. Justice is our life. Peace is our nature. We create this blog to share our genuine feelings about Burma and its path to freedom.

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