Hopes and dreams for 2011

In no particular order, food, news, drama and politics played a big part in the Leith Open Space calendar of events for 2010.  Come to think of it that is the right order. 

Food brought us together in the wonderful World Kitchen in Leith festival night (see the picture above). News became drama at our Newgroup drama workshops with a special event in the Festival of Politics.  And once again Opening Doors shadow scheme connected local people with the political process through another great programme of activities in the Scottish Parliament.

None of it would have been possible without you so, while saying a very warm thank you to all our friends and supporters, we are nurturing hopes and dreams for 2011.

In the heat of the kitchen at our 2010 festival event in Out Of The Blue

Food is high on the list again as World Kitchen in Leith hopes to team up with local charities and community groups to cook up some exciting fundraising events.  The dream is that one day we might help to organise a World Food market in the heart of Leith.  (And we know just the place to make it happen).

Newsgroup drama workshop at the 2010 Festival of Politics

Newsgroup returns in the New Year in collaboration with ACTive Inquiry – and of course their very creative director Gavin Crichton has many more drama projects up his sleeve and we will be helping to spread the word about those very soon. The dream is that between us we might organise a Forum Theatre at the Scottish Parliament involving MSPs before the election campaign takes to the road.

And Leith Open Space will also be working on our core activites – a new Open Space discussion event on a very topical subject and Opening Doors shadow scheme brings another opportunity to meet the people whose decisions affect our daily lives (In the picture: David ng Hop shadows Sarah Boyack).  It’s a two-way process which encourages mentors to learn from their shadows.   The dream is that we might entice some business leaders and bankers into the scheme.

But of course Leith Open Space only comes to life when it is full of friends so once again thank you for your help, encouragement and support. Here’s wishing you all the very best in what we hope will be an energetic and productive new year.

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