February diary

Food and family are main themes of events in our February diary. See Wednesday if you like curry, Thursday if you have views on childcare services, and Friday if you are interested in healthy food in general. (And please scroll further down our home page for more about all three stories).

Thursday 8 February
Research project – Childcare in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Refugee Centre, St George’s West Church, Shandwick Place.

Rana Syed will be running a focus group at the centre to gather information for Edinburgh University research into childcare facilities in Edinburgh for ethnic minority families. She would like to hear from parents about their experiences with their children’s doctors, nurseries, primary schools etc. See Focus on Childcare for more details.

Wednesday ‘Curry Club’
12 noon to 2pm
Dr Bell’s Family Centre, Leith

A weekly pilot scheme looks set to become a regular feature thanks to the success of a join venture between volunteers from Sikh Sanjog women’s group and Dr Bell’s equally enterprising community centre. See Out to Lunch for more details.

Cookery classes at Dr Bell’s Family Centre

There is already a waiting list for the new project at the community centre. See A Healthy Interest in Food for more.

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