The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning (in Leith)

No such thing as a free cake: but make your own with the recipe below…

Smell the coffee (and make the cake).  This Friday is the biggest event on the calendar for MacMillan Cancer Research and once again Mark Lazarowicz and Malcolm Chisholm are taking part in The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.  We are all invited to join them at Vittoria Restaurant, courtesy of Tony Crolla,  on the corner of Brunswick Street and Leith Walk from 10am on Friday 24th September.

And how about making some cake when you get home.  Here is a recipe for a lovely easy apple cake from one of the MacMillan cook books (we treated ourself to a copy at the last coffee morning in Vittoria’s).

Last year MacMillan raised £7.9m towards cancer research. This year they are aiming to make it £8m so every coffee and cook book is going towards a very good cause.  Lots more recipes on the MacMillan website.


8oz (250 g) self raising flour

half teaspoon salt

4 oz (124 g) butter or marg

1lb (600 g) cooking apples or tasty eating apples

40 oz (125 g) caster sugar

2 eggs – beaten

1 oz (50 g) soft brown sugar

Handful flaked almonds (optional)

Rub fat into flour and salt. Peel and chop apples into bite size pieces and mix into flour with sugar and eggs.  (add a spoonful of milk if it is too stiff). Put into 8in square cake tin or pie dish (greased). Sprinkle with sugar and flaked almonds.  Bake in warm oven (Gas 6) for roughly 40 minutes.

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