Long Way from Home

Imagine you are a refugee trying to make a new life in Edinburgh. Better still, take a new look at the city with people who really are refugees.  The film ‘Long Way From Home’ does just that and it is showing at Red Eye film club in Pilmeny Youth Centre at 7.30pm on Friday 3 July.
Without shrinking from reality, the documentary is a celebration of the life of refugees in Edinburgh.  The film, beautifully produced on a low budget by Pilton Video, was made by the refugee drama group IkaZe in collaboration with The Welcoming in 2008.

Jon Busby of The Welcoming along with one of the IkaZe film makers will be joining Mike Cowley, organiser of Red Eye, to take part in discussion after the film.

As ever, this is a free event. All are welcome.

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