Left foot forward?

Left, right and centre.  Here’s a chance to engage with radical views and big questions. What does the future hold for Scotland.  In an age of austerity can councils deliver quality services?  Would independence produce a more democratic local authority? 

Does anyone care enough to seek for the answers?  One way to find out is to come to the People’s Charter public debate at Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Saturday when Leith’s very own Councillor Gordon Munro joins Neil Findlay, MSP for Lothians and Councillor Kenneth Selbie in grappling with some of the challenges facing left-of-centre politicians.

By the way, Gordon reminds us that tickets for Ragged Trousered Philanthropists at Assembly George Square are half price tomorrow.  “The show ends at 1.30pm giving you time to get to Leith with a 7, 14, or 49 bus taking you there from Clerk Street”, says Gordon.

And of course some of us are heading back up to Fringe Central for the recording of Mark Steel’s comedy show, an Edinburgh Fringe special  on Leith.  Or a ‘lesser known part of Edinburgh” as the BBC website describes it. Though to be fair they also describe our part of time as a unique corner of Scotland’s capital. The show will be broadcast on August 21st.

Mark Steel asks some pretty good questions himself and does not shy away from provocative answers. Look for the Leithers in the audience!

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