Be the change (and win a prize to make it happen)

It’s not just make-believe.  Actors in Change – the political drama coinciding with the general election campaign –  will invite the audience to vote for changes they want to happen in real life.  But this election involves community organisations who work for positive change and the winning votes come with a small cash prize. Which is why ACTive Inquiry is inviting local groups to performances, starting with Thursday’s event in Fort Community Wing (see also last blog). This is where you come in…

Ben Stollery, actor and drama worker with ACTive Inquiry, explains:

At each performance we would like to make information available to the audience about local and city-wide organisations who are involved in positive social change and campaigning. The actors  will talk to members of the audience afterwards and point them in the direction of organisations engaged in areas of interest to them. We are also inviting local organisations to be available for audience members to speak to if they wish.

Audience members will be invited, as part of the performance, to form groups and to think of an idea for making positive change in Leith and to present a small proposal including what the idea is, what they would do with a small contribution from ourselves (up to £50), and how Active Inquiry can help with making the idea happen. The ideas will be voted on by the audience with the winner getting the small amount of money to give them a start.

Active Inquiry would also be involved with following this up and helping in any way we can.

We would therefore like to invite your organisation:

  1. to send a representative to attend one or more of the performances, detailed below
  2. to send some literature on your organisation, what it does and how people can get involved, for us to make available at each performance
  3. to provide a 3-line summary about yourselves with contact details that we will add to a handout to be given to all who attend (or edit your portion of the attached draft handout)

Please send to Ben Stollery at 1F2, 50 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QU

For more information email or phone Gavin Crichton artistic director on 07714 321629 or visit the ACTive Inquiry website by clicking here

2 thoughts on “Be the change (and win a prize to make it happen)”

  1. Leith Open Space is very pleased to be included in the list of organisations ACTive Inquiry is circulating at performances of Change.

    We are just one of many other very active local and city organisations campaigning for positive change. To name but a few of them:

    Greener Leith, Edinburgh Community Backgreens Association, Portobello Transition Town, Portobello and Craigmillar Youth Forum, Equality Network (LGBT), Unlock Democracy, Edinburgh Active Citizens, Leith Community Council, SCVO, Friends of the Earth, Festival of Politics…

    And so many other great projects. You just have to come and see them!

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