St Andrews with a Swietlica swing


Grassroots at Redbraes during Edinburgh Festival 2008

On a stormy winter night it’s great to get a blast of summer. The picture shows the fantastic Grassroots Theatre Company when they visited Redbraes community garden in warmer weather. Now they are back for another tour of Scotland with what sounds like perfect timing for the St Andrews night party in Fort Community Wing on Monday 30th November – they are invited to give a workshop which should warm everyone up.


Here’s just a taste of what you can expect [picture from Grassroots Flickr site]

Last year Swietlica celebrated Andrzejki with the old Polish tradition of fortune telling – looking for signs of future riches or romance in melting wax and party games. This year Kasia Raszewska and the Swietlica team of volunteers are planning an evening of music and dance. When they heard Grassroots were staying nearby they invited the band to come and join the celebration. [Check with Kasia for details, or in the Comments at the end of this story.]

Unfortunately Leith Open Space is out of the country on St Andrews night but we have treated ourselves to a tour of the Grassroots website (and downloaded some pictures from their Flickr site) which gives a very good idea of what you can expect at the party on Monday night – though they might not be wearing the kilts you can see here.


We believe in the power of partnerships and friendships to share knowledge or ideas, to dream and turning dreams into reality – Grassroots Theatre Company

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