Light, heat and the Alhambra: a view from McDonald Road Library

Meet a man of parts.  Sunday’s lecture in McDonald Road Library is by an academic combining a remarkable cluster of interests and talents.  Tariq Muneer – poet and Professor of Energy Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University – will present Tales of Alhambra and Moorish Spain from 2-4pm on Sunday 18th July.

Professor Muneer is an international authority on solar energy, daylight and the most effective use of windows, currently leading research related to climate change. But the author of more than 200 technical articles  is also a prolific poet who enjoys contemplating energy and time in more lyrical language.  The Professor is a supporter of Edinburgh’s Mushaira, the annual performance event for Scottish Asian Poets, and Edinburgh City Libraries has published a selection of his poems on their website (click here).

It will be fascinating to see how these different strands of interest may be revealed in Professor’s Muneer exploration of one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Long may libraries offer such experiences free of charge!

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