Share your secrets of success at The Gathering

What does success look like? How does it feel and taste? Who makes it happen? How long does it last? Maybe you have some or all of the answers. If so we’d love you to come and share the secrets of success at The Gathering. Continue reading “Share your secrets of success at The Gathering”

James Grieve, in seach of a local (hidden) hero

The trail ends beneath a thick and prickly holly bush in Rosebank Cemetery.  It’s an unmarked grave which seems odd and sad for a man who made such an impact when he was alive. His portrait is in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, a plaque honours his birthplace in Peebles and, perhaps most importantly of all, his name lives on in the sweet and crunchy apple known as James Grieve.

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Real green shoots at Redbraes

First signs of spring have been showing for a few weeks now: snowdrops in bloom, frogs in the pond but the real clincher is the email from Redbraes Community Garden. As Julian Siann puts it, the committee have been sharpening their spades for the growing season. Continue reading “Real green shoots at Redbraes”

Stage struck at Redbraes, Parklife in Montgomery Street, DIY pop in Pilrig Church

Grassroots at Redbraes two years ago, this year they have a stage

Is this the fringe of the Fringe, or the fringe of the fringe of the Fringe?  As the big circus moves out of town this weekend there’s an eruption of music, poetry, fancy dress and food (in no particular order)  in streets and gardens all around our part of town.

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Onwards and upwards at Redbraes (and a tasty recipe)


And they are pretty good at going downwards too – Alex, Julian and Jean plus this year’s monster parsnips!

“Hi folks…it’s onwards and upwards,”   there’s an upbeat email from Julian Sian and with good reason. It’s been a great year for the award-winning Redbraes Community Garden and clearly they will not be slacking in 2010. Julian has a  list of energetic plans  for discussion at Saturday’s committee meeting (and we’ve been digging up a Christmassy recipe inspired by the sight of those parsnips). Continue reading “Onwards and upwards at Redbraes (and a tasty recipe)”

St Andrews with a Swietlica swing


Grassroots at Redbraes during Edinburgh Festival 2008

On a stormy winter night it’s great to get a blast of summer. The picture shows the fantastic Grassroots Theatre Company when they visited Redbraes community garden in warmer weather. Now they are back for another tour of Scotland with what sounds like perfect timing for the St Andrews night party in Fort Community Wing on Monday 30th November – they are invited to give a workshop which should warm everyone up.

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Redbraes win first prize


Flashback to summer: what the judges saw

Congratulations to Redbraes! The good news came in an email from Julian Siann, ‘Redbraes takes first prize’!  That’s all the volunteers needed to know; after a year’s hard work Redbraes had won the award for best community garden in this year’s Edinburgh in Bloom competition. Continue reading “Redbraes win first prize”

Football for a laugh

It’s not just for fun, though it certainly should be a laugh. COMEDIANS vs HIBS Under 17s Girls Charity Football Match is a fundraising event based on a contest between Fringe comedians and Hibs Girls on Sunday 9 August at 2pm. It’s free to get into Meadowbank Stadium but donations go to The Junction, a local charity supporting young people in Leith and North East Edinburgh.   Continue reading “Football for a laugh”

Redbraes in bloom and ready for judging

redbraes_in_bloomThe sun shone on the latest Redbraes open day celebrating the work of volunteers. Thanks to Becky Govier for the pictures.

Grass is cut, borders are blooming,  fruit and veg are ripening fast and faces are smiling. In short, the stage is set for Edinburgh in Bloom judges visiting  Redbraes Community Garden any day now. Continue reading “Redbraes in bloom and ready for judging”

On the beat with Simon Daley

Starting a new series on community, Fay Young and Nick Gardner take a walk with PC Simon Daley who challenges some popular misconceptions about young people – and the police too.


On night patrol Simon Daley sometimes turns on the blue light simply to reassure people that a police car is in their neighbourhood.  By day he often thinks he is invisible. Continue reading “On the beat with Simon Daley”