Politics out of the shadow


Ola and Malcolm standing in the Scottish Parliament lobby.
Ola Kasprzak with Malcolm Chisholm

Politicians, preoccupied with political rivalry, can forget the most important thing –  the needs of people they represent

Read Ola Kasprzak’s fascinating and forthright report of her experience  of shadowing two politicians in the Scottish Parliament and City of Edinburgh Council – she says they changed her negative opinion of politicians but her conclusions should be read by anyone standing for election this year. Or any other year. Continue reading “Politics out of the shadow”

Made in Scotland, a better kind of politics?

The day has certainly demystified some of the Parliament’s workings and put a human face on the institution.

Ben Stollery is the latest person to take part in our Opening Doors scheme. Here he describes how his day shadowing Malcolm Chisholm MSP gave him an insight into the workings of the parliamentary committees –  and more confidence to get involved in politics. That’s politics with a small ‘p’…now over to Ben. Continue reading “Made in Scotland, a better kind of politics?”

Opening Doors to politics


The first step in the new Opening Doors programme: (from left to right) Ola Kasprzak, Malcolm Chisholm and Fay Young

How can local communities influence political decisions? Ola Kasprzak and Maka Mwamwaja are hoping to find out as they begin this year’s shadowing programme, Opening Doors 2009, by observing the work of  Malcolm Chisholm MSP both in the Scottish Parliament and in his constituency of Edinburgh North and Leith.  Continue reading “Opening Doors to politics”