Feeding community spirit in Leith

These are women who have volunteered their lives away, now they are finding that skills they take for granted could actually be used to get a job. Trishna Singh, Sikh Sanjog

Food features in many of the stories on the Wall of Success. But this week we pay tribute to two local enterprises that combine home cooking with great community spirit – and more than a pinch of entrepreneurial spice. Welcome to Punjabi Junction and the World Kitchen in Leith. Continue reading “Feeding community spirit in Leith”

Share your secrets of success at The Gathering

What does success look like? How does it feel and taste? Who makes it happen? How long does it last? Maybe you have some or all of the answers. If so we’d love you to come and share the secrets of success at The Gathering. Continue reading “Share your secrets of success at The Gathering”

Inter-faith feast at the Punjabi Women’s Cafe

Cardinal Keith O’Brien enjoying a meal at the Sikh Gurdwara in Leith earlier this year.  Our thanks to H. Singh for the picture.

Cardinal Keith O’Brian is preparing for a Fringe first with his version of the Hippopotamus Song but he can look forward to something much tastier than ‘mud, mud, glorious mud’ when he visits the Punjabi Women’s Cafe on Wednesday 16th June. Continue reading “Inter-faith feast at the Punjabi Women’s Cafe”

Recipes for success in the Punjabi Women’s Kitchen

Trishna Singh outside the new cafe at 122-4 Leith Walk [pictures Nick Gardner]

You can’t miss the Punjabi Women’s Kitchen. Sandwiched between fast food outlets in multicultural Leith Walk, the bright orange shop front promises home made traditional Punjab cuisine. Above the door a sign declares nothing less than empowerment for women. Continue reading “Recipes for success in the Punjabi Women’s Kitchen”