Poetry (garden) in motion


Launching Poetry in St Andrew Square two festivals ago.

Is this poetry in motion or poetry parked?  Either way, the Poetry Garden will bloom for a day in Castle Street on Friday 16th July between 10 am and 3pm, with the help of a mobile library, some potted plants – and of course the essential poetry. Continue reading “Poetry (garden) in motion”

Carry a poem all around town

Spot the poetry in St Andrew Square?

Sadly, we missed the event in Leith last week when performance poet Mark Thompson carried poetry to the Library, for an evening about life and learning with adult learners and tutors from CLAN Edinburgh. But there’s still two weeks to go in the Carry a Poem campaign with free events all round town – not least the snowdrop walks in the Botanics every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in February.  And look for the poetry planted in St Andrew Square. Continue reading “Carry a poem all around town”

A passion for poetry


here, there and gone: where?

Home is a controversial word for Iyad Hayatleh, a Palestinian poet who was born in a Syrian refugee camp. “The most controversial word of my life,” he told us. He has never been to Palestine but to mark Refugee Week, Iyad read poems about home in Arabic and English as we gathered round a dead tree in Edinburgh’s Poetry Garden.  Continue reading “A passion for poetry”

Home thoughts: poetry for Refugee Week

yellowleavesThe ‘poetry tree’ in St Andrew Square Garden

Home is a dead tree in the garden.  Well, not quite so dead now that it is fluttering with poems about home to mark Refugee Week in Edinburgh. Continue reading “Home thoughts: poetry for Refugee Week”

Treasures of the Lost World


Suddenly out of the darkness, out of the night, there swooped something with a swish like an aeroplane. Ed Malone in the Lost World

It’s the stuff of dreams:  you are travelling in time to a place where dinosaurs crash through forests of dripping trees. Ok, so The Lost World Read won’t really bring you face to face with a live dinosaur (or even a stuffed one for that matter) but the trail leading from Palm House in the Botanics to Poetry Garden in St Andrew Square is full of excitement all the same.  Join the adventure beginning on 31 January. And pick up your free copy of Conan Doyle’s Lost World at the same time. Continue reading “Treasures of the Lost World”

Poetry garden comes indoors for winter


Beautiful but cold for outdoor poetry events during the winter, fortunately there is somewhere much warmer just around the corner…

Thanks to the National Portrait Gallery, (conveniently situated in York Place) the poetry garden is coming indoors for at least some of the winter, starting with a lunchtime event on Friday 19 December between 12 and 2pm. So that’s food, warmth, a chance to pick up some last minute presents plus the inspiration of poems chosen specially for you. What more could you possibly need? Continue reading “Poetry garden comes indoors for winter”

Join the Poetry Army in St Andrew Square

Poetry in St Andrew Square   LOGO small

Here’s an invitation you can’t refuse. Come to St Andrew Square and find a poem chosen specially for you. “It personal, it’s fast and it’s absolutely free,” says Lilias Fraser of the Scottish Poetry Library who will be one of the ‘poetry army’ celebrating National Poetry Day on Thursday 9 October in Edinburgh’s very own Poetry Garden by handing out poems and poetry postcards. Better still, why don’t you join the army for the day? Continue reading “Join the Poetry Army in St Andrew Square”

Poetry afloat in St Andrew Square



Wring the Scottish rain clouds dry…Ron Butlin

Some hope. It rained of course but the sun shone too so Edinburgh’s new Makar, Ron Butlin, brought the perfect poem to launch Poetry in St Andrew Square: A Recipe for Whisky, laced with all the elements of Scotland’s weather. Come rain, hail, sleet or sun, the poetry garden is now open for business and waiting for you to help it grow… Continue reading “Poetry afloat in St Andrew Square”